Why a blog?

Besides the fact that I’m a millennial? So glad you asked!

It boils down to this: Contrary to my childhood beliefs about growing up and “arriving,” I am twenty-five and still learning about life and God and community and the kinds of internal struggles that crop up on a daily basis. These lessons come through sweet quiet time, horribly awkward moments in group contexts, and instances that confirm I’m not important enough for my errors to cause the collapse of modern society. I know that I would like to reference the wise words other people have said to me, the rich passages and soul whispers from Him that have encouraged me, more than I can say. But have you ever tried to cache and bundle lessons in a physical journal? Yeah, not so much. Blogging provides organization and easy recall. #howthrilling #analystalert

Most importantly, though, I really believe that our experiences will bear fruit if we let them breathe: If we take them into the sun, lay them flat and smooth out the wrinkles, we’ll see a purpose and a grace. The odds are, someone else is going through, has gone through or will go through something similar, and your words just might be the spark they need to keep wading through the waters.

So, despite the fact that I am an expert in insecurity, fear, and an untold number of unattractive traits, my familiarity with His grace, desire to encourage others and need to use every gift I’ve been given supersede my awareness of them. Also, I love writing, so there’s that. 🙂

Yours, An Introvert at Large


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