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truth is cheaper

Lies nearly led to the ecological death of an entire continent. Lies cost about $235 billion in damages. Lies foreshortened thousands of lives and made 1000 square miles unlivable. When I think of HBO’s man-made-disaster mini-series “Chernobyl,” I pause. What a call to truth.

main character vibes

Despite the shaming power of social media, you are not here to do what people expect you to do, want you to do, or think you should do. This may feel wrong because true kindness, service and love are often substituted by total capitulation of self. People will say it’s selfish for you to do what you like, but selfless for them to demand that you do what they like. Mathematicians are still working through how this checks out.

how I got to 20k on TikTok

People want so badly to go viral, they forget that going viral without great content is the very definition of a squandered opportunity. My account didn’t gain traction for months and I’m glad, because it gave me time to find my voice, work out kinks and enjoy myself.

3 reasons I journal

Quarantine has taught me many things. Get hugs when you can. Focus on what’s actually working in life, or you’ll go crazy. Just put things out there; what’s the worst that could happen? It has also taught me the value of intentional journaling.


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